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Remembering Jim Pipkin

We offer our sincerest condolences for the loss of our tenant and artist Jim Pipkin.

“It is with deep sadness that I announce the death of my husband the painter Jim Pipkin from Gaunson Creative Studios on Wednesday 8th March 2023.

James Edward Pipkin
18th February 1945 to 8th March 2023”

Pam Pipkin.

(Based on the large-scale landscape canvases of artist Jim Pipkin)

By Agnes Meadows

Here there is only light and distance, the silence of waiting,
Replete with the expectation of change, the earth like a great beast
Ready to leap out of the jaws of daybreak, tamed by Great Mother Sky,
Each canvas a Book of Hours, gilded in corn gold mornings,
Where sunrise embraces soil and cloud, windowing centuries
In kaleidoscopic artlessness, the joy of perpetual repetition.

Here the sun dances in a gown of fire across the rim of the world,
Her petticoats of ragged flame plumbing the confines of eternity,
Reducing, reducing as night comes, like a reluctant lover. She lays,
Slender and sleeping on the black iron-banded horizon, shrinks to
A narrow ribbon of scarlet whispering farewell, wrapped in the cruel
Enigma of loneliness, her face hidden both human and creature.

Here there are blue-barred vistas from which no escape is possible,
Where birds are unnecessary, the footprints of fox of badger invisible,
No storm of lightning’s serration to disturb the stillness or stiletto
The skies. The gathered lace of cumuli ruffles mountain-tops where
Ancient idols have grown tired of watching the ceaseless cavalcade
Of seasons, their faces worn away by cloud splash and rain dance.